Ginseng Vitality Soup


Ginseng Vitality

For 2 to 4 people

  • Replenish daily vitality
  • Essential supplement for energy and well being
  • Essential for vibrant life and better health

Cooking Instructions

  1. Prepared 2 litre of water, 500gms of meat (any kind) and 1 packet of herbs.
  2. When water is boiled put in meat and ingredients.
  3. Simmer with medium heat for 1 ½ hours, add seasoning to taste.


Radix Ginseng, Poria, Pectinidae, Asillus Longan,  Semen Juglandis, Fructus Jujubae, Fiscus Carica

Goods to be refrigerated

Weight: 100g



  • 补充体力
  • 保健强身
  • 充满活力


  1. 准备2公升清水及任何500克肉类及材料。
  2. 以猛火煲滚后。
  3.  再用文火煲约1 ½小时,调味即可。




净重: 100g

Additional Info

Ginseng is located only within the Northern Hemisphere, in The United States as well as in eastern Asia (mostly Korea, northern China. typically in cooler environments. Cheng Woh's ginseng are all from United States which produces top quality American Ginseng. Like Asian ginseng, American ginseng is coloured in light tan, gnarled root that frequently appears like a human body with stringy shoots for legs and arms. 

The title ginseng, of Chinese origin, means 'essence of earth by means of a man, "mentioning towards the almost human-like form of this plant's taproot. Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb more than 1000 years. The genus title Panax originates from the Greek pan (all) and akos (affilictions) - when ginseng was formally named in 1753, it had been regarded as a plant that healed all problems. Ginseng leaves, transported in whorls, are toothed in most cases palmate, cut such as the fingers on a hand.

Native Americans used both native ginseng species extensively in their range. They stewed the entire plant and drank water to deal with colic, heartburn, rheumatism, along with other skin and blood circulation problems. The flowers and then seed products were chewed to deal with the like. The roots were
the most crucial part for healing these were chewed or else utilized as medicine.
Modern days ginseng species highly valued in health care is the American Ginseng or Korean Ginseng, P. Ginseng, noted for its warming properties. It is yang (hot) in nature and used by people who are yin (cool).

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